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Higher Yields impact risk assets, multifamily a safe haven

This last week we had a 40-year high inflation print. The stance our nation’s leadership has shared that “inflation is slowing” seems to be bullocks. There are some things happening….


Commercial RE off to a big start in 2022

According to CBRE’s latest report, the US multifamily sector saw strong momentum at the start of 2022, with robust demographic trends underpinning record leasing activity, rent growth, and investment during the first quarter. In Q1 2022, multifamily investment increased by 56 percent year over year to $63 billion, the strongest first quarter on record, bringing…

rising interest rates

Rising Rates and their impact on Real Estate

We have had a wild start to the year with the fastest growing inflation we have seen in 40 years.  CPI rose to 8.3% in April, higher than the 8.1% estimate. Shelter costs, which make up about one-third of CPI rose at their fastest pace since 1991. So what impact will this have on the…

growth vue thought leadership:

Around the horn episode one

Around the horn, EP. 1

The team launches the first episode of Around the Horn. They discuss the investing landscape, what is currently going on in markets, and how the multifamily space is looking for investors moving forward.

9 Questions to Ask Syndication Sponsor Groups

9 Questions you should ask a Real Estate Syndicator before investing

These 9 questions will get you on a great start to learning more about the general partner and how they are structuring the deal.

how to invest in real estate syndications without being accredited

How to invest in real estate syndications without being accredited

Use one of several techniques new multifamily investors use to break into the industry, and once they have enough experience or assets to qualify, they can become accredited and engage in passive income options such as syndication transactions.

Webinars & podcasts:


Real Estate Syndication Success with Brad Penley

Brad Penley, Principle and Director of Capital Development at Growth Vue Properties was featured on Active Duty Passive Income Podcast. Brad is an EOD Navy Officer and shares his story and his passion for teamwork and growing a business. Brad like many investors was uncertain out of the gate, but with diligent work consistently grew…

Dominic Murray

Sourcing Multifamily Deals and Communicating with Brokers w/ Dominic Murray

In today show, we spoke with Dominic Murray who helps Growth Vue with sourcing our real estate syndication deals. Dominic has some great experience sourcing off-market deals and communicating with brokers to build relationships. If you are new in real estate this will be a good listen before starting your first syndication. Take a listen,…

Katie Neuman

How Large Scale Apartment Management Operate & Protect Investment

On today’s show, we talked with Katie Neuman who is the Director of Strategy at Wehner Multifamily. Katie has helped Wehman scale to 174+ communities and over 26,000 units. Katie did an incredible job breaking down the economies of scale that can be reached when finding the right property management partner and shared how their…

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