Sourcing Multifamily Deals and Communicating with Brokers w/ Dominic Murray

In today show, we spoke with Dominic Murray who helps Growth Vue with sourcing our real estate syndication deals. Dominic has some great experience sourcing off-market deals and communicating with brokers to build relationships.

If you are new in real estate this will be a good listen before starting your first syndication. Take a listen, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


00:36 – Process and what the day looks like sourcing deals

03:37 – Screening process – what does a good deal look like?

09:25 – What is communication like with brokers?

13:00 – On Market vs. Off-Market Deals

18:08 – Family Offices, where are they showing interest?

20:12 – Two cases – Family Office interest in assets, divesting

22:16 – Getting new deals, the work required