Giving Back

Leave a Legacy That Out-Lives You

charitable organizations we support:

leaving a legacy

What does it mean to leave a legacy? To us, that is leaving the world better than we found it.

Investing is simply a platform for change. Investing is a way to change the financial futures of our investors, their families, and ours. Investing is a way to change generations, and a chance to create something that outlives our life.

If we had more money and more financial freedom, what would we do with our time?

We would give back our time and money to change the world.

We believe that our investors care about making the same kind of difference.

That's why we carve out equity in our investments to give back to organizations that we care about; in perpetuity. We deliver the same returns to our investors and a promise that that part of the carried interest we generate will be used to make an impact.

Put Your Money to Work,  So You Don't Have to

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