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Who You Are

Our investment thesis is simple: buy and build great companies around great people.

We are always looking for great operators who currently own and operate a business and are looking for expansion opportunities by way of acquisition.

Additionally, we are actively seeking late-start entrepreneurs who have the chops, want to start their own business, operate one of our portfolio companies, perhaps have identified a business to buy, or have a part-time business that they would like to move into full-time.

If you are a seasoned professional, with 5+ years of experience, and/or you are ready to make the entrepreneurial leap and you would like to join our Search Fund, then submit your application below. If you fit the profile, I will personally set up a call, to meet, and walk you through the process.

Ownership = Wealth

At our Table, everyone eats. We believe that building true wealth comes through ownership of businesses. But in order to accomplish our goal, we need a stellar team of entrepreneurs to operate the portfolio companies. This means without operating entrepreneurs, we don't have a business; therefore we give everyone a healthy piece of the companies they operate. This explains why we invest so much time to find the right people who align with our core values.  Because to whom much is given, much is expected; and this is going to be a long-term partnership.

Our Core values

1.) Give First & Love to Serve

2.) First Fruits: Everything we have belongs to God

3.) Entrepreneurialism = Creativity

4.) The future of our country lies in the hands of Entrepreneurs

5.) Have Fun - You are here for a reason.

The Next Gold Rush

There are 2.34M baby boomer-owned businesses & 58% of them do not have a transition or succession plan, which means there is a massive wave of businesses that need to be sold or will close for good.  This means there is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to buy businesses.  This also means there is an entire generation of business owners who have never sold a business before, and they need the information to help them cross this new stage in their business lifecycle.

Our Vision

We believe that buying businesses, as Baby Boomers Exit the Market, is the greatest opportunity of the next 20 years, so we are focused on becoming the largest owner/operator, SMB private equity shop in the country. Acquiring a $100,000,000 portfolio of SMB companies, with our team of platform entrepreneurs.

The Mission

We are on a mission to help operators and late-start entrepreneurs make their next $1 million in revenue through our Entrepreneurship through Acquisition Search Fund.  Learn More




Samson Jagoras


Apply to become A Portfolio Operating Entrepreneur

We regularly connect with entrepreneurs/operators who are seeking equity to acquire more businesses, grow, and/or take over companies that we acquire.  If after reading the information above, you believe your values and skill set align with our company, then we would love to meet you.  These applications send directly to our CEO, Samson Jagoras.  And he personally reaches out to each portfolio entrepreneur applicant.

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