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Alternative Assets: The response to a frothy and overbid apartment market

Over this last year, we have analyzed over $18 billion in real estate. We are at the phase of the cycle where capital allocators are at a flight for safety. Many stocks are trading 35-50x earnings which are irrational. We have seen many deals sell FAR beyond our risk profile. This leaves nearly no returns…


2021 smashes records. 2022 poised for multifamily success

2021 was one of the biggest years on record for apartment demand. It actually smashed the previous record by 66%. This outpaced the prior record across three decades. With demand exceeding 673,000 units. One of our core beliefs remains true, which is that affordable housing is in need more than ever. An incredible stat below showcases…


Seller Concessions: how they impact real estate investing

If you have never heard the term “seller concessions” and you are investing in commercial real estate and multifamily syndication deals, and don’t know what this specific term means, we are going to break it down for you here. Property managers and sponsors can employ concessions to maintain high occupancy rates and keep multifamily properties…

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9 Questions to Ask Syndication Sponsor Groups

9 Questions you should ask a Real Estate Syndicator before investing

These 9 questions will get you on a great start to learning more about the general partner and how they are structuring the deal.

how to invest in real estate syndications without being accredited

How to invest in real estate syndications without being accredited

Use one of several techniques new multifamily investors use to break into the industry, and once they have enough experience or assets to qualify, they can become accredited and engage in passive income options such as syndication transactions.


Thoughts from the Mind of our CEO – Samson Jagoras

Our CEO Samson Jagoras has launched a Linkedin Newsletter called the Future Proof Investor. You can now follow along and get a weekly inside look into his mind, experience and research. Subscribe and read the first newsletter here

Webinars & podcasts:

Doug Jennings (1)

Developing Commercial Real Estate with Doug Jennings

Doug Jennings is a Commercial Broker in Northern Colorado leading the team at Remax Commercial Alliance. His background is in Bachelor’s of Science in Real Estate and Development. In today’s podcast, we talked about global markets, real estate, and some of the things going on over the last 6-9 months in markets. This one was…

Axel Ragnarsson - Webinar (6)

Axel Ragnarsson – Single Family to $30million in real estate syndication deals

Risk Adjusted Returns, direct to seller, no more flipping headaches. Learn how Axel quickly got into the passive income investing world!

Dre Adams

Outreach, Creating Value & Putting Others First with Dre Evans

This episode was refreshing and could be the encouragement you need to start your real estate Journey. Dre Evans is a real estate sponsor and Founder of Thats My Property Investments, and a podcaster who cohosts Multifamily by the Slice. With over 15.1M in real estate, Dre has a passion for outreaching, helping others start…

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