AirBnB, Boutique Hotels, and Short Term Talk with Rich Somers

Bobby had a blast talking with Rich Somers from Fortune Cribs in this week’s podcast. Bobby and Rich covered the background, where Fortune Cribs is now, and the future of short-term investing. This is an excellent episode for someone wanting to build passive income with the game plan of traveling to destinations for short-term staying while renting long-term.


00:00 – Introduction to Rich Somers

00:36 – Rich shares his background

02:59 – First deals and what’s happening now

05:48 – Shifts in short-term rentals

08:22 – Top Markets – next 5 years

09:28 – How Fortune Cribs helps clients

13:47 – How Fortune Cribs Clients Experience works

16:55 – Sweet spot of real estate investing

18:37 – What do people put down on airbnb

19:34 – Mindset need with short term

22:55 – Boutique Hotel Growth

26:28 – Future for Fortune Cribs

27:48 – Multifamily takeoff Podcast

28:43 – Rates Impact on Short Term Market

29:46 – One tip to pass on to investors

30:38 – Best place to connect with Rich