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Pros and Cons of multifamily syndication investing

Most investors start their career with single-family home (SFH) investing. This is one of the most powerful ways to start investing in real estate when you have little money but want to start building momentum. You may have heard of the BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) Method, or house hacking, where you live in…


Passive Investing – Class A and Class B Shares in Real Estate Syndication

It is becoming more common for real estate syndicators to create multiple classes of investors. Some investors like immediate cash flow, and some prefer growth. Giving investors these options can make deals more attractive and target a wider audience of investor profiles. Below we break down the Class A (cash flow focus) and Class B…


Shortages of 2021, apartment development, labor, vocational skills

In September, apartment vacancies fell to an all-time low of 2.7 percent, leading to the fourth month in a row of record lows. According to RealPage data, new lease demand climbed by 50.5 percent in the year ending September 2021, with apartment resident retention increasing to 58. percent, an all-time high. Last month, lease renewals…

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9 Questions to Ask Syndication Sponsor Groups

9 Questions you should ask a Real Estate Syndicator before investing

These 9 questions will get you on a great start to learning more about the general partner and how they are structuring the deal.

how to invest in real estate syndications without being accredited

How to invest in real estate syndications without being accredited

Use one of several techniques new multifamily investors use to break into the industry, and once they have enough experience or assets to qualify, they can become accredited and engage in passive income options such as syndication transactions.


Thoughts from the Mind of our CEO – Samson Jagoras

Our CEO Samson Jagoras has launched a Linkedin Newsletter called the Future Proof Investor. You can now follow along and get a weekly inside look into his mind, experience and research. Subscribe and read the first newsletter here

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Doug Jennings (1)

Developing Commercial Real Estate with Doug Jennings

Doug Jennings is a Commercial Broker in Northern Colorado leading the team at Remax Commercial Alliance. His background is in Bachelor’s of Science in Real Estate and Development. In today’s podcast, we talked about global markets, real estate, and some of the things going on over the last 6-9 months in markets. This one was…

Axel Ragnarsson - Webinar (6)

Axel Ragnarsson – Single Family to $30million in real estate syndication deals

Risk Adjusted Returns, direct to seller, no more flipping headaches. Learn how Axel quickly got into the passive income investing world!

Dre Adams

Outreach, Creating Value & Putting Others First with Dre Evans

This episode was refreshing and could be the encouragement you need to start your real estate Journey. Dre Evans is a real estate sponsor and Founder of Thats My Property Investments, and a podcaster who cohosts Multifamily by the Slice. With over 15.1M in real estate, Dre has a passion for outreaching, helping others start…

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