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Busy Q1 for Multifamily: Continual Rent Growths

With rising single-family rates and a shortage of homes causing pressure multifamily is poised to continue to show growth.

why we are investing in Cincinnati_ OH

Why we are investing in Cincinnati

We love the Cincinnati market. With strong rents, low unemployment and many renters coming from out of state, the city is resilient.

What is the Value Add Model (1)

What is the Multifamily Value-add Model?

We dive into breaking down the 5 steps of what make up the value add model in real estate. From deal flow, how to add value, the refinancing, long term strategy and selling the asset.

growth vue thought leadership:

9 Questions to Ask Syndication Sponsor Groups

9 Questions you should ask a Real Estate Syndicator before investing

These 9 questions will get you on a great start to learning more about the general partner and how they are structuring the deal.

how to invest in real estate syndications without being accredited

How to invest in real estate syndications without being accredited

Use one of several techniques new multifamily investors use to break into the industry, and once they have enough experience or assets to qualify, they can become accredited and engage in passive income options such as syndication transactions.


Thoughts from the Mind of our CEO – Samson Jagoras

Our CEO Samson Jagoras has launched a Linkedin Newsletter called the Future Proof Investor. You can now follow along and get a weekly inside look into his mind, experience and research. Subscribe and read the first newsletter here

Webinars & podcasts:

Rob Overstreet

Step-up in Basis with Rob Overstreet – Real Estate Secret

This webinar with Rob Overstreet, the CEO of Harbor Drive Holdings was incredible! He broke down real estate secrets that most have never heard of! Using this process you can acquire cash-flowing real estate for life with no cash out of pocket! Learn more about stepped-up basis. A quick breakdown below: Its often said that…


Samson Jagoras featured on Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

After the housing crisis, Samson Jagoras was not fearful about real estate but dove deep into strategically building a personal portfolio and has since shifted to commercial multifamily and real estate syndications. A key approach at Growth VUE Properties has been creating and maintaining relationships with brokers in strong markets across the US. Building relationships…

Morgan Hampel

Market Dynamics and Beating Competitors with Morgan Hampel

In today’s episode we met with Morgan Hampel. Morgan has a background working with the US Navy as a Nuclear Service Warfare Officer. He is now an Assistant Professor of Naval Science at the University fo San Diego. Morgan dove into real estate in 2017 with single-family, condos, and some multifamily investing. Morgan shares a…

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