Blockchain and Future Cap Rates with Ellis Hammond

Today we sat down with Ellis Hammond, Principal from Symphony Capital Group. We discuss what future cap rates look like as well as real estate on the blockchain. Ellis worked in the ministry and then had an experience that made a major impact on the way he views money. He now works full-time in real estate and has an incredible story that led him to do large multifamily deals.

00:00 – Introduction to Ellis and his story

02:52 – Blockchains impact on real estate

08:24 – Symphony Capital Group leveraging Blockchain

12:12 – Devil’s advocate thoughts to RE on the blockchain

16:42 – Buying 1 billion dollars in real estate

17:29 – Cap Rates and their future

22:46 – If you have money sitting in the bank

24:25 – What assets to hold, or not to hold?

29:15 – What is Symphony working on now?

32:33 – Ellis 1-2 recommendations for someone new?

35:02 – How to connect with Ellis Hammond?