How Large Scale Apartment Management Operate & Protect Investment

On today’s show, we talked with Katie Neuman who is the Director of Strategy at Wehner Multifamily. Katie has helped Wehman scale to 174+ communities and over 26,000 units. Katie did an incredible job breaking down the economies of scale that can be reached when finding the right property management partner and shared how their vertically integrated approach helps general partners and investors alike generate better returns. This was one of my favorites by far!


00:46 – Importance of having a local property manager

3:00 – Operation efficiencies PM’s can make at scale for investors

5:59 – Finding tenants, keeping tenants, good retention rates?

7:43 – Managing Value Add, Managing A-Class – any differences?

9:20 – What does a typical C Grade renovation look like?

12:41 – Economies of scale managing 20,000+ units

17:06 – Pro’s/Con’s of too few or too many properties, how to scale.

19:09 – Property Managers Owning Property, do they handle differently than clients?

22:12 – Inspecting properties, how often, how to do it well?

24:00 – Nightmare stories – how to handle things well in the PM world

31:30 – Are there best types of property managers, or specialty property managers?

33:35 – Eviction moratorium is ending – what challenges will PM’s face?