Samson Jagoras


Samson Jagoras featured on Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

After the housing crisis, Samson Jagoras was not fearful about real estate but dove deep into strategically building a personal portfolio and has since shifted to commercial multifamily and real estate syndications. A key approach at Growth VUE Properties has been creating and maintaining relationships with brokers in strong markets across the US. Building relationships…

Morgan Hampel

Market Dynamics and Beating Competitors with Morgan Hampel

In today’s episode we met with Morgan Hampel. Morgan has a background working with the US Navy as a Nuclear Service Warfare Officer. He is now an Assistant Professor of Naval Science at the University fo San Diego. Morgan dove into real estate in 2017 with single-family, condos, and some multifamily investing. Morgan shares a…


Southeast & Midwest – People follow incentives

I grew up in the Southeast. It is a beautiful area, with lovely culture, amazing people, and lots of growth opportunities ahead. After I moved away from the southeast I began to appreciate it more. I realized the opportunity that can be capitalized on. The value that can be brought to those communities. Once I…


Alternative Assets: The response to a frothy and overbid apartment market

Over this last year, we have analyzed over $18 billion in real estate. We are at the phase of the cycle where capital allocators are at a flight for safety. Many stocks are trading 35-50x earnings which are irrational. We have seen many deals sell FAR beyond our risk profile. This leaves nearly no returns…


2021 smashes records. 2022 poised for multifamily success

2021 was one of the biggest years on record for apartment demand. It actually smashed the previous record by 66%. This outpaced the prior record across three decades. With demand exceeding 673,000 units. One of our core beliefs remains true, which is that affordable housing is in need more than ever. An incredible stat below showcases…


Seller Concessions: how they impact real estate investing

If you have never heard the term “seller concessions” and you are investing in commercial real estate and multifamily syndication deals, and don’t know what this specific term means, we are going to break it down for you here. Property managers and sponsors can employ concessions to maintain high occupancy rates and keep multifamily properties…


Cash Flow, Growth Investments, or Blend? Class A and B Breakdown

When investing in syndication you may see two different types of Classes of shares in a deal. These shares are known as Class A, and Class B Shares. Class A shares are cash flow shares. Class B shares have more growth and upside potential. Class A Shares – Consistent Cash Flow Class A investors want…


Passive Investing dominates Active Investing

You might see active investors post their incredible gains and it may make you want to give it a taste. After all, we tend to think of active objects as being more strong, dynamic, and competent. Yet, when it comes to investing, active investing loses the majority of the time to passive investing, and it…


Strong Rental Growth in Multifamily Apartments Q3

Despite the ongoing epidemic and a year-long nationwide eviction restriction, there has never been a better moment to be a large apartment-building landlord. According to Real Page, a rental-management software business, which evaluated more than 13 million professionally managed units, national asking rentals jumped 10.3% in August on an annual basis. That was the first…


Expensive Homes, Expensive Rents, Affordable Multifamily Living

2021 was a year for the history books. We saw many shifts across how the economy functions, how workplaces operate, and how people view living. One thing in particular that stuck out to me that I learned at the end of last year was the shortage of homes we have, and how long it will…


Real Estate Syndication Success with Brad Penley

Brad Penley, Principle and Director of Capital Development at Growth Vue Properties was featured on Active Duty Passive Income Podcast. Brad is an EOD Navy Officer and shares his story and his passion for teamwork and growing a business. Brad like many investors was uncertain out of the gate, but with diligent work consistently grew…

Dominic Murray

Sourcing Multifamily Deals and Communicating with Brokers w/ Dominic Murray

In today show, we spoke with Dominic Murray who helps Growth Vue with sourcing our real estate syndication deals. Dominic has some great experience sourcing off-market deals and communicating with brokers to build relationships. If you are new in real estate this will be a good listen before starting your first syndication. Take a listen,…

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