real estate as an inflation hedge through 2030

Commercial Multifamily as an inflation hedge going into 2030

Commercial multifamily apartment investing is becoming increasingly popular as an inflation hedge going into 2030. It is a sound investment that provides a reliable source of cash flow, tax incentives, and the potential for cost segregation and bonus depreciation.

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Uncertain times can create the best CRE deals

As uncertainty rises in markets investors tend to move their capital to the sidelines. It makes sense to be cautious when things are concerning or not clear. But there are a few reasons why you would want to invest when uncertainty is on the rise.  First, often times commercial real estate marketing can be inefficient.…

can you get rich from RE investing?

Can you get rich from real estate syndication?

Can you get rich from real estate syndication? Our culture has been shaped to expect very fast outcomes. Google yields search results in seconds. Video entertainment can be as short as 5 seconds, and Twitter has made the most out of 280 characters. We have learned to expect to get things quick, short, and sweet.…

november fed funds rate increase

November Fed Meeting Updates & CRE Impact

This last week the Federal Reserve raised the overnight rate by .75% (75 bps is how you may hear this shared in the finance world. It sounds like “bips”). This takes the federal funds rate to the 3.75% to 4% which is the highest it has been since the start of 2008.


Why business owners should invest in real estate

As small business owners, most eggs are in one basket of the business, but smart business owners know to diversify in real estate. While the wealth of Jeff Bezos is built from a concentration into business assets (their equity and stocks) they also deal with that volatility and can lose tens of billions in a short timeframe.


Why multifamily real estate performs well

Real estate investments that can increase value quickly with rehab work beat many other comparable real estate ventures. This method of real estate investing is purchasing a home with some kind of unfinished work or physical degradation, repairing it, and then reselling it for a profit. With multifamily specifically, another two instances where new ownership…

5th rate hike

The 5th Rate Hike and its Impact on Investors

The FED has raised the rate for the 5th time this year and is the 3rd .75% increase in a row. These aggressive increases are not surprising based on the inflation numbers through 2022.

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Builders shift to commercial multifamily due to economic resiliency

In the United States, rising mortgage rates are depriving prospective homebuyers of the option of purchasing their first home, which is driving families to live in multifamily apartments. While this is unfortunate for first-time home buyers, and those having to relocate for work opportunities, this provides a great opportunity for investors who want to invest…

waves of investing into real estate

National Multifamily Report – Updates from Yardi

According to Yardi Matrix’s most recent study of 140 areas, August is the first month since June 2020 with a moderate rent increase, a pattern that is anticipated to continue until the rest of the year. U.S. rent growth slowed down by 170 basis points to $1,718, or 10.9 percent, on an annual basis, a…

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Midwest Multifamily Demand & Our Latest Iowa Deal

With proportionally strong demand, the U.S. multifamily market has experienced a record-breaking rent rise thus far this year. The economy’s present turbulence, which includes increasing interest rates and inflation, will most likely soon begin to have an impact on the sector’s rapid development. But when compared to other American regions, the Midwest multifamily market offers…

Investors love garden style apartments

Garden-style apartments in demand among Multifamily investors

Garden-style apartments represent one of the best commercial assets an investor can buy. These apartment types are usually seen on the parameter of large cities, and are characterized by having two to four floors, usually with no elevators. These assets normally have pitched roofs and individual airconditioners which reduce overhead costs, and they make for…

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