Outreach, Creating Value & Putting Others First with Dre Evans

This episode was refreshing and could be the encouragement you need to start your real estate Journey.

Dre Evans is a real estate sponsor and Founder of Thats My Property Investments, and a podcaster who cohosts Multifamily by the Slice. With over 15.1M in real estate, Dre has a passion for outreaching, helping others start their real estate career, and passing knowledge along to serve the heart of others and his community.

Dre’s story will make an impact on you. You can learn more about Dre at drmultifamily.com/


00:00 Dre’ Background & Start In Real Estate

01:43 Gangs, drugs and lessons learned along this way

04:07 The importance of outreach & value

5:00 The significance of meetup groups

6:53 Top few tips for new real estate investors

14:45 Getting started in real estate with creative strategies

19:20 Additional values through meetups & team effort

26:10 Goals in the next years & power of affirmations

32:35 The go-getter & being a leader

34:15 Changes that Andre would like to see in society

38:35 Pros and cons of technology

41:20 How to reach out to Dre