Developing Commercial Real Estate with Doug Jennings

Doug Jennings is a Commercial Broker in Northern Colorado leading the team at Remax Commercial Alliance. His background is in Bachelor’s of Science in Real Estate and Development. In today’s podcast, we talked about global markets, real estate, and some of the things going on over the last 6-9 months in markets.

This one was loaded with great info. Take a listen below and enjoy!

Doug shared the thoughts from Dr Glenn Mueller, here is the link that breaks down how market cycles work in real estate.


00:00 Doug’s real estate background and working with Samson

03:45 Real estate market cycle

07:05 Impact of new construction on the housing market

15:00 The effects of increasing commodity prices & multifamily

22:45 Bridge loan, loan terms and amortization

28:00 Projection on the interest rate and the market in the next 10 years

33:30 Decentralizing and changing the commercial real estate industry

40:00 Tiny homes as an asset class for affordable housing and societal impact

49:20 Do we really have rooms to move rates up? 51:00 Cryptocurrency and private equity