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4 Key Performance Indicators of Apartment Syndications

When you invest capital with a real estate syndication group there are a myriad of performance indicators that are used for an informative look as to what you can expect to get in return for your investment. Below is a breakdown of the 4 of the most common performance indicators you should be aware of…

__What is the difference between Rule 506 B and 506 C - website

What is the difference between Rule 506 B and 506 C?

If you are new to real estate or want to get started in commercial multifamily syndications, you may have heard there are accredited investor laws that prohibit you from taking part in these deals that always seem to be exclusively available to the wealthy. There are two types of Reg D exceptions you should be…


Types of Fees in a Real Estate Syndication

There is always a fee and cost when investing in a real estate syndication deal. Today I want to break down a few different fees you will encounter when investing with a General Partner (sponsor) on a real estate syndication. You will find fees at different times of an investment. The fees are always charged…

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Around the horn episode one

Around the horn, EP. 1

The team launches the first episode of Around the Horn. They discuss the investing landscape, what is currently going on in markets, and how the multifamily space is looking for investors moving forward.

9 Questions to Ask Syndication Sponsor Groups

9 Questions you should ask a Real Estate Syndicator before investing

These 9 questions will get you on a great start to learning more about the general partner and how they are structuring the deal.

how to invest in real estate syndications without being accredited

How to invest in real estate syndications without being accredited

Use one of several techniques new multifamily investors use to break into the industry, and once they have enough experience or assets to qualify, they can become accredited and engage in passive income options such as syndication transactions.

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Rich Somers. Short Term Rental Talk Airbnb, Boutique Hotels

AirBnB, Boutique Hotels, and Short Term Talk with Rich Somers

Bobby had a blast talking with Rich Somers from Fortune Cribs in this week’s podcast. Bobby and Rich covered the background, where Fortune Cribs is now, and the future of short-term investing. This is an excellent episode for someone wanting to build passive income with the game plan of traveling to destinations for short-term staying…

2-4 Unit Investing with Kelsey Olson

2-4 Unit Investing in 2022 with Kelsey Olson

Kelsey shared some great insights as to why she focuses on the 2-4 unit space, and how new investors can get started building their portfolio on their way to investing for cash flow in syndications.

Ike Ekeh (1)

Illiquidity of Real Estate is a Key Feature w/ Ike Ekeh

Bobby had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Ike Ekeh, the head of portfolio management at a boutique firm and the founder of Rubicon Asset Management, a real estate firm. Bobby and Ike talked about real estate illiquidity as a benefit, why he loves real estate as an investment vehicle, how being a go-giver vs.…

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