Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing w/ Zach Roth

Today’s guest was Zach Roth, a CPA at Elevated Accounting and Tax in Windsor, Colorado.

Zach broke down the tax incentives of investing in commercial real estate through syndications and explained how commercial differentiates from residential real estate investing.

This was a great one!


0:00 Introduction

1:13 Zach Roth’s Background

3:16 Entity Types in Real Estate

4:47 Equity & Debt Pro’s/Cons

9:00 Cost Segregation, Depreciation, equity benefits

14:46 Depreciation Recapture

16:04 1031 Exchanges

21:36 Reducing Capital Gains

25:15 Refinancing

30:40 Institutions Buying

33:02 Carry over losses, offset income

37:05 Mortgage Interest Deductions

38:50 Quit your job, Passive Income Lifestyle

44:33 Tax Benefits, Full time RE investor