Market Dynamics and Beating Competitors with Morgan Hampel

In today’s episode we met with Morgan Hampel. Morgan has a background working with the US Navy as a Nuclear Service Warfare Officer. He is now an Assistant Professor of Naval Science at the University fo San Diego. Morgan dove into real estate in 2017 with single-family, condos, and some multifamily investing.

Morgan shares a great story of his history and some market trends and how to beat competitors in this wild market. His contact info is below as well.

0:00 – Morgan’s Intro and story

2:12 – How to win deals, unique approaches

7:20 – The power of driving with brokers – HANDS ON

8:54 – What has been effective to meet investors and raise capital?

11:42 – Military’s impact on investing perspective & Relationship with Brad Penley

14:56 – Des Moines, Iowa Deals – And Markets Morgan Focuses On

21:45 – Compounding Variables Impacting Real Estate Investing!

27:20 – 2022 Goals for Morgan and his Team

29:29 – Power Tips, getting into real estate, book recommendation, and more

33:43 – How to reach out to Morgan


Instagram: @MorganHampel Website: