Investment Firms Buying Single Family Homes

There have been many headlines lately about Blackstone and Investment firms buying up single family homes. There was an interesting write up by Slate covering some of the specifics and history of how investment firms acquire single family homes.

The TLDR; investment firms are buying up homes that have the greatest potential for rent appreciation and value appreciation in the top zip codes. This creates an obvious challenge for the middle class to buy a home and build wealth.

This is one reason why we are motivated to put such a focus on affordable living. No one knows how long a potential melt up of assets could go on, but one thing is certain; American’s need affordable housing. In our below video Samson breaks down why affordability is our focus in our multifamily syndication strategy. With remote work becoming a normal thing, people are moving where it is more affordable to live, while being able to keep their jobs.

American’s are no longer restricted to living in expensive geographical areas to achieve employment at a high paying job. American’s now have the capability and optionality to buy home and land in more suburban areas. Some Americans want to live in affordable apartments in growing submarkets. At Growth Vue we focus on helping those families who want to live in safe, affordable apartments in growing submarkets. Our mission is to find find living spaces that fit their needs while achieving our investors goals. Connect with us on youtube, facebook, or join our investor portal to stay up to date on opportunities or to connect with our team.