How Does Multifamily Syndication Work?

When I first learned about multifamily syndications in 2016 I was blown away at what felt like to me, how secret it was. There are tax-friendly investment vehicles that seem to be exclusive to the rich. After deeper digging, I came to realize that there are deals that non-accredited investors could take part in! At the time I did not have enough saved but I was hellbent on achieving taking part in a deal and making that FIRST STEP towards being a real estate investor.

After starting as a single-family investor for a few years, we were able to then sell our property, and increase our income enough where we could afford to take part in our first syndication deal.

But do you know what the most important thing was that helped me get there? It was the knowledge. It was actively seeking out education, mentors, and knowledge so that I could feel confident in taking that first leap!

With our blog, I am aiming to answer as many questions as possible for newer investors. Veteran RE investors know how this business works and they focus on the underwriting, the team, the track record, and the markets where deal flow is. New potential investors have questions and are eager to learn.

Watch this video below with a 60 second breakdown, and be sure to follow our youtube channel as we will be launching more content helping educate investors on their real estate investment journey!