Southeast & Midwest – People follow incentives

I grew up in the Southeast. It is a beautiful area, with lovely culture, amazing people, and lots of growth opportunities ahead. After I moved away from the southeast I began to appreciate it more. I realized the opportunity that can be capitalized on. The value that can be brought to those communities. Once I moved westward to Colorado I began investing in the southeast and midwest. In the midwest specifically, areas like Indianapolis and Kansas City have been strong and growing markets over the last decade. Since March of 2020, there has been a large demand for a lower cost of living, tax breaks, and local/state policies that serve individuals.

We have been seeing a migration of Americans to the southeast specifically over the last year. People are moving to where economic incentives align to serve the individual vs. the government. The southeast has strong benefits for business owners, landowners, real estate owners, and has a low cost of living compared to New England and the west coast. I do not see this shift slowing down over the next 4-5 years. People are always motivated by their incentives. As long as these affordable markets continue to offer an affordable quality of living we will see more growth. Rampant inflation, increased taxes, and stronger authoritarian control are two things that led to California and New York, losing house seats.

As investors, our outlook goes simply beyond the spreadsheet and numbers of a deal. We must consider the economic outlooks of each city and state individually. We are seeing a rising demand for personal freedom and quality of life that aligns with the history we have been sold and told we would experience.

For these reasons, Growth VUE Properties continues to seek out quality investments and deals in the midwest and the southeastern areas of America. We are diligently analyzing hundreds of deals a month, and making offers on deals that make sense for our investors. We look forward to the opportunity of being a steward of your capital and helping create a quality of life in these markets that will create the backbone of the American economy over the next decade.

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