Giving Back – Core to our Mission

Giving back is core to our Mission at Growth Vue. This past year we have had the pleasure of financially supportting a missionary named Dallas and his family on their mission overseas. He is in Togo, West Africa, and is building churches, mission homes, and helping share the gospel. The main religions in Togo are voodoo and witch-craft which hold power over the villagers using harsh-power tactics, murder, and even child sacrifices. We are always seeking ways to support Dallas and other mission-minded people who have the heart to serve communities in need. For more on Dallas and his mission click -> “here“.

If you have a heart aligned with this mission, we would love to connect and see how we can support and encourage each other on our journeys. If it is a good fit we would also love to collaborate on a deal and create more value for investors and global communities in need. Listen to the short story from our Partner Brad Penley, below.