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Put Your Money to Work, So You Don't Have to

Invest alongside a team of operators who love the game of business, real estate, and entrepreneurship.

Business Acquisition

Growth Vue Capital focuses on acquiring privately held, mature, service-based, cash-flowing businesses where we can add value to the business by way of leadership, finance, operations, growth, product, services, sales & marketing. In turn, we can use the cash flow to upgrade and innovate the business, at a fraction of the cost of starting up.

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Direct Real Estate Investments

Growth Vue Capital sponsors real estate investments ranging from Multifamily acquisitions, unique development/redevelopment, and emerging markets. We buy, hold, and manage commercial real estate that drives safe and consistent returns.

how it works

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1. Source, Evaluate & Analyze

We identify & evaluate hundreds of business and real estate assets through the throughout the United States, searching for value add, cash producing opportunities to buy and or invest in along side our individual, institutional, and family office investors.

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2. Acquisition

After a comprehensive asset evaluation process, a deep dive on the financials, contracts, insurance, team, sales, & marketing; we design a value add business plan for takeover and transformation of the business. By leveraging the existing cashflow, we can acquire an asset that will pay for itself; in turn, allowing us to get to work with our management team & operating professionals

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3. Operations & Management

We are active operators who get in the trenches to transition the company and increase the value of the asset.  Once the asset is stablized, and a new leadership team and CEO has been established, we move into an advisory position to ensure the success of the company and the investment

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4. Liquidity, Distribution & Disposition

Cash flow is our #1 focus. Through sound operations & strategic improvements we have the ability to increase business value & yield, through Leadership, Finance, Operations, Growth, Prodcut, Services, Sales, & Marketing. We use the cashflow to upgrade and innovate the business, at a fraction of the cost of starting up.

Put Your Money to Work,  So You Don't Have to

Buy, then build 

There is a massive wave coming, or should I say Tsunami.  We are on the verge of the greatest wealth transfer in history. Estimated at $68 Trillion, a whopping $7 Trillion will transfer to a new generation of business owners, as boomer entrepreneurs finally hang it up.

That being said, building wealth through entrepreneurship is a very hands-on and daunting endeavor that many do not want to take on.  This is why we believe in buying cash-flowing established businesses with a built-in team. Allowing us to support by way of leadership, finance, operations, growth, product, service, sales, and marketing; and leverage the cash flow to upgrade and innovate the business, at a fraction of the cost of starting up.

You can leave all the heavy lifting of coordinating the capital, taking over the operations, and managing the business to us, because frankly, that is what we love to do. You get all the benefits of ownership, without any of the brain damage.

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