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I Hate Risk…

The best risk management plan, is to fully understand your risk, your stop loss and your exit, before entering the trade. Every investment has risk, however some assets carry more risk than others. When we are speaking specifically about real estate, risk comes is a variety of forms. Our entire investing philosophy is built on…


Why We Love The South

We love the fundamentals on the South (MSAs) markets. In this article I’ll break down why we like markets in the South, like: San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, Raleigh, Charlotte. Why do we love Texas & North Carolina? Every investment has risk, but how do you insulate yourself from risk as much as possible? I…


Why I Downsized in My 30’s

Winter is coming. Don’t be afraid of the market, just be prepared. Sitting on the sidelines is worse than being in the game; but be smart and buy the right asset. I am moving my business and networth in to commercial multifamily. In February of 2014 we sold our primary residence for $285,000. Four years…

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